Door Locks & Hardware in Coffs Harbour


High-Quality & Affordable

At Coffs Harbour City Locksmiths, we carry a variety of door and window fasteners for residential, commercial and industrial use. Brands we use include Tradco and Lockwood—all available in a large range of sizes, shapes and finishes.
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Door Fasteners

We have a large range of quality door fasteners—classic and contemporary—to suit any type of property. This includes Tradco’s teardrop French door fastener, which is available in polished brass, satin chrome and other finishes. We also source Tradco’s classic sash fastener and door square fasteners to widen your design choices.

Window Fasteners

We also provide a selection of window fasteners at Coffs Harbour City Locksmiths. We stock casement fasteners, sash fasteners and wedge fasteners to match your window type and style preference. This includes Lockwood’s casement window fasteners, window sash fasteners and Tradco’s wedge fasteners. They come in different types of finishes to suit your design preference.
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Hardware Repairs & Replacements

Not only do we stock high-quality fasteners for your doors and windows, we also repair and replace existing door/window hardware for optimum security. Whether it’s a door handle or window winder that needs fixing, our licensed locksmiths can help.

All hardware products we sell, we can install and repair. We let you choose from the latest of our security suppliers to give you more options. We will keep your doors and windows fully protected with our affordable hardware options.

Note: All products vary in size, shape, colour and brand. We can recommend the best type if you need help with deciding. We also perform repairs either at our shop or on-site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my own door lock?
Yes, if you have the right tools of the trade and experience for the job. Replacing a door lock will depend on the type and size of door you have. For locks and more accurate results, replacements are best accomplished by a qualified locksmith.
What is door hardware?
Door hardware is composed of functional mechanisms that are vital requirements of a door. Locks, hinges, knobs and kick plates are examples of this.
What is a window lock?
A window lock is a mechanism that adjoins and secures window slats for increased security.