Security Key Systems in Coffs Harbour


Unique & Pick-Resistant

At Coffs Harbour City Locksmiths, we supply a range of restricted key systems for all types of applications. Whether you’re upgrading the security of your home or business, we can customise keys to suit individual requirements.
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High-Security Key Systems

Well-known brands such as BiLock and Lockwood provide greater security when correctly installed. Our locksmiths make use of these keying systems that help secure your property with no chances of unauthorised duplications when lost or stolen.

What are the other benefits you can get from a restricted key system? See below.

Provides Ultimate Security

BiLock products, by nature, are durable, flexible and tamper-resistant. This means installing them in your property provides ultimate security for your most treasured possessions.

At Coffs Harbour City Locksmiths, we follow strict regulations when designing personalised keying systems. We design and configure keys based on your preference and security requirements. All key systems we produce are patent-protected for your peace of mind.
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Increases Convenience & Accessibility

Having a restricted key system for your home or business is more convenient than standard keys. You get to decide on the numbers of keys to produce, who you want to register as key holders and their level of access to your locks.

Our team has extensive experience in creating keying systems with tailored individual access. Paired with automated key coding software, we have a variety of locksets and hardware products to match your security needs.

Promotes Easy Control & Pick Resistance

BiLock’s Quick Change Core system offers flexibility by altering the existing hardware without dismantling the lock. If you prefer this feature for regular maintenance, we can assist with recommendations to suit your budget and key requirements.

We also supply Lockwood’s restricted key systems to provide greater access control and security for your property. Both these products are pick and drill-resistant, making your home or commercial building a fortress.

At Coffs Harbour City Locksmiths, all master keys are cut with the utmost care and precision. Our products and services are priced depending on your selected brand as well as the size of your keying system requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my restricted key. What should I do?
Contact the locksmith who configured the key system and ask for a new copy. Unlike standard keys, restricted keys can’t be duplicated. Locksmiths generally keep a record of the owner’s authorisation details and signatories. Remember, restricted keys are unique to the owner.
Can I have one key for all my locks?
Yes. Most property owners implement a master key system that can open all locks. Locksmiths configure blank keys to tailor individual access.
What does rekeying mean?
Rekeying means changing the internal components (i.e. pins, springs) of the lock. This is usually done for lost or stolen keys. Rekeyed locks will work with a new set of keys. This is more cost-effective than buying a new lock.